Clean Communities Program

Alloway Clean Communities Coordinator
Cathy DeHart
(856) 935-4080 x212

Clean Communities Program Township Code

New Jersey’s Clean Energy Program

The Clean Communities grants are funded by a user-fee on manufacturers, wholesales and distributors that produce litter-generating products.

Among the activities funded by the grants are volunteer cleanups of public properties, adopt and enforce anti-littering ordinances, conduct beach cleanups, develop public information and education programs, purchase equipment used to collect litter, purchase litter receptacles and recycling bins, purchase anti-litter signs, purchase supplies to remove graffiti, and clean up storm water systems that can disperse trash into streams, rivers and bays.

What Clean Communities is really about is being responsible with using single use containers, and being creative with how resources are used: Resources being residents, visitors, litter, trash, recycling options and $: If wisely spent, the grant monies generate business, more recycling, less trash and increases awareness to how people generated litter is costly to all, but also solvable with education and public information.

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