Storm Water Awareness

Be Part of the Solution to Storm Water Pollution

Your everyday activities can affect water quality. Please use the following tips to help reduce pollution.

Reduce, reuse and recycle materials whenever possible to create less waste, which could end up on our streets and contribute to storm water pollution.

Shop for nonhazardous, biodegradable and phosphorous-free household cleaning products.

When treating your pet and yard for fleas or ticks, check with your veterinarian for safe substitutes. Never dispose of flea dip liquid on the ground or in the storm drain. It should be disposed of as a household hazardous waste.

If you spill hazardous fluids, contain it immediately with rags or cat litter. Clean up the spill and properly dispose of the waste.

Check your car for leaks and schedule regular tune-ups. If you find leaks or drips, have your car repaired.

Store hazardous materials properly to prevent spills. Store them in the original closed container.

Visit for more information.

Visit for a list of local household hazardous waste facilities.